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History of the T.A.O.T.A.

Alan Shivers was governor of Texas when the late Henry M. Morgan, owner of the Tyler Barber College Chain and Civic Leader, issued a call to all barbers in Texas to meet in Tyler on July 27th and 28th, 1952. Over five hundred barbers from all over the state convened at St. Maryís Baptist Church to organize a permanent State Barberís Association. This Organization was called " The Texas Association of Tonosorial Artists" and chartered under the Texas Laws of 1962.

The first assemble was held on Monday, July 27, 1953. Henry M. Morgan, the first president of the T.A.O.T.A. Made his famous address to the delegate. The purpose of the call was to explain the important of a Barberís Organization in Texas.

The basic reasons were:

1. That we may raise the standards of barbering profession, thus making ourselves become better respected as professional men and women.

2. To promote the educational skills among its members.

3. That we may demand of ourselves the best of service and may share in the theories and experiences of our community.

4. That we may raise both our professional and civic status by utilizing the economic and

Political power which unity will bring us.